Programming Your Mind for Success pt2

This is the second part of the article programming your mind for success where I will share a few more ways to program your mind for your success. Click here to read the first part.

Expect Positive

There is a law known as the law of expectations which states that whatever you expect, becomes a reality.
According to this law, if you expect to be successful, you will become successful. If you expect yourself to be a failure, you will fail at the end of the day.
In order to program your mind for success, the formula is simple. Expect success. Expect to be successful in whatever you are doing and this will sooner or later become a reality. Your mind will program itself for success. It will behave, think and feel nothing but success and the same is passed on to your entire body.


One of the basic constituents of programming your mind for success is self-control. You have to control your actions, emotions, thoughts, feelings and your attitude. The idea is to align your actions and emotions to your success. This will give a positive signal to your mind about your expectations and desires. You cannot become a successful employee if you reach office late every single day. You must reach office on time and for that, you have to control your actions and desires by setting the alarm and waking up early. This will consequently program your mind for success.

Get Over Your Fears

Fear is said to be the biggest enemy of your success. Not only that it is negatively associated with success, it also negatively programs the mind.
Fear stops you from taking actions. Your mind keeps reminding you of the fears instead of the joys and success so you do not take actions.
The best way to get over your fears is to take actions that lead to success. Taking actions will give a positive signal to your mind and that’s how it will realize that it needs to start focusing on the success – not on the fear.