Programming Your Mind for Success pt1

Programming Your Mind for Success


Ever wondered who is the biggest enemy of your success?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, who was responsible for your most recent failure? Be honest.
I am sure, nobody else has to be blamed. You are the biggest enemy of your own success.
Your mind is your enemy that stops you from being successful by keep reminding you of fears, threats, possible risks, issues, and what not.
Here is a good news, you can reconfigure and program your mind the way you want. You can program your mind for success so that it doesn’t think of failure anymore. This is possible.

Here are a few practical ways to programming your mind for success for the lifetime.

Keep Thinking About Success

If you have to wash your car and you keep saying to yourself that I cannot do it, I have never done it so how I can handle it now, it is so hard and time-consuming…….
With something like this going on at the back of your mind, you won’t be able to wash the car.
To be successful and to program your mind for success, you have to think about nothing else but success. You have to keep thinking about ways to reach your goal. You must keep telling yourself that you can do it.
Keep reminding yourself of your mission and that’s how you will be able to wire your mind for success.

Watch Your Words

Every word you speak is originated in your mind. You speak what you think.
If you will talk too much about the risks, fears and high probability of failure, your mind will program itself to generate thoughts and words that support failure.
On the other hand, if you start using positive words and talk more about the good little things about your success, your mind will start generating similar thoughts and words that will lead to success.