My Story

My name is Ty Neal and here’s a quick scoop about me. I’m the husband to my wonderful wife and we have three beautiful children. I believe prosperity is your birth right and you were born to be rich, I also believe that in order to attract prosperity you must become a leader

I’m a pure family guy, I love spending time with my family and would not change it for the world, out of 24 hours a day, I spent 24 hours with my family :0). I love making people laugh, my family calls me an comedian, I myself love to laugh, love to have fun.

I set this blog up to change the lives of people that come in contact with me, If your looking to take full control over your life, become the leader that get results then I know here at will do just that.

I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ that he’s my family and I  Lord and Savor. He has blessed me with an amazing family.  He has blessed me with showing me what I wanted to do with my life.  He has blessed me with freedom due to the internet marketing and public speaking. Now I’m not some business person who talk about wealth and happiness and never say a word about my Lord Jesus Christ. He’s my source!

My life purpose is to serve others.  If you want to talk about Jesus… let’s talk.  If you want help with your business…  let’s talk.  If you just need a friend to lean on…  feel free. If im not speaking at an event or coaching my paid clients, you’ll find me playing Kickball with the youth at my local church

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