He Quit My Team!


Hey friend, Ty Neal here

Now the video you just seen above this post is me replying back to an email from a guy who decided to quit my team in 48hrs because he feel like he was promoting something else beside his company products & services. When it comes to building a successful MLM you have to understand that it is never about your company product,services, compensation plan none of that. If you are going to build your team you have to understand that it’s about you that people join people. People must see you as an expert and once they see you as an expert they will join you in whatever MLM you are promoting, to many people are marry to their company and think they can only have success if they just talk about their company and spam their friends on facebook. Quick question how is that working for you? not so good right? If you go to my facebook page right now you will not see one thing about a company on my profile. As you build your business you have to understand that people join people and if you keep promoting your company website and want people to buy your product you will have a hard time in this business period.

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