Facebook Marketing – How To Not Suck At It

facebook marketing

Hey Friend Ty Neal here

Facebook is big it is the number two website in the world and a lot of people are building their business using facebook but there are Network Marketers who want to reach some form of success but their facebook marketing suck. In this blog post I share how you can generate more leads and have an exciting facebook page that people will love to visit.

Your Profile Picture.

As marketers we suppose to use facebook to do three things Attract,Connect and close, you want to attract the right people to you, connect with these people and then close these people. If we are doing anything else then we are using facebook for the wrong reason. The facebook profile picture is huge and if you going to attract the right people to you then you want to have a nice photo that shows fun, exciting , success overall photo of who you are as a person. if you love garden then have a picture of you with your garden smiling. If you visit my personal page at https://www.facebook.com/tyneal.net you will see a picture of me and my beautiful wife she holding a key to the brand new BMW I surprise her with for her birthday. That picture shows lifestyle, fun ,family. Your profile picture is huge make the most of it.

Cover photo.

I see many people place a photo of their company product here with a link to the company website. Your cover photo is huge it’s so huge if you go to my personal profile again I still don’t have one LOL because I wanted to make a photo showing the things I love to do like me shooting one of my guns, coaching basketball, hang out with my family things like that so I’m still waiting on pictures :0) If you have a picture of your company products you want to remove that from your page as that just push people away from you and it does not attract anyone to you. Remember we are on facebook to do three things Attract , Connect & close so everything you do on facebook need to be around that format :0)

What To Post

Posting is big as people get to see whats on your mind I’m really not a poster LOL as I need to post more often. I post a quote everyday just to motivate my facebook friends but you need to post some form of content everyday. Leave the drama away from facebook because you are here to do three things Attract , Connect & Close. If you are not attracting and connecting in your marketing you can not close anyone period. This post is a little to long but I hope you understand what I’m saying.

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